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About Sree Narayana Viswa Dharma Madom

Sree Narayana Viswa Dharma Madom in Kodukulanji, a beautiful village near Chengannur town in Alleppey dist. Over the years the madom has become a renowned worship place for a lot of devotees from different part of the world and Shiva Swami is very well known for his spiritual classes in Sree Narayana Guru Dharma and well established as an Acharya with a lot of disciples. The principle deity in SNVDM temple is Shri Mahadevan and the Ashram is following Gurudeva preachings and Guru Dharma. Today the SNVDM is actively participating and organizing a number of programs including Classes on Guru Dharma, Pancha Yanja, Pancha sheela, career guidance, motivational classes. And also holds Medical Camps, Anna Dhanam, social services, social forestry program etc.

Who are We

Chairman’s Message

To organize conventions and prayer meetings concentrating district and taluk across the state with focus on Guru Dharma. Include various other activities like career guidance/motivational speech/social activities.Educate the participants the importance of Guru dharma and its effectiveness in today’s society. Also how it can affect your daily life in a positive way. Emphasize the necessity of advanced education and future plans for the betterment of students.To develop the skills of children in extracurricular activities in the area of art, culture and sports and actively participating in it. Arrange and organize tournaments in various levels and thus to encourage the sports man spirit in one Open selling space (Super Markets) in Taluk levels, primarily promoting the local products of members and then to deliver quality product with reasonable prices. Promote agriculture and industries in co ordination with the local government bodies with exposure to latest and innovative technologies supporting the environment Focus on education sector by supporting and helping the needy. Establishing and taking over educational (advanced) institutions across Teach and practice the importance of Hygiene and self discipline. Organize campaigns and road shows highlighting the importance of Hygiene life style Observe and follow the great preaching of Gurudevan ,“ Vidya Kondu prabhudhar avuka, Sanhatana kondu shaktar avuka” ( Become enlightened through education and strengthen by organization).Provide free food and water to pilgrims and initiate MOTEL’s according with it. To start such business activities as Chits Fund, Banking

Work style(Mode of Operation)

To teach what is worship and how one should worship God the almighty. Also explain the importance of Almighty above caste, creed or religion. Enlighten the Importance of science and technology in today’s world and its advantages. Establish training and coaching centers for Military, Police and other Government services in association with experts from the field. Consolidate the religious rituals for Weddings, funeral, house warming etc. and help to organize the same in a unique and generally accepted way. Actively participate in social forestry program by planting trees wherever possible, and help supporting environment To convince and enlighten the public about the spirituality beyond religion To start care center for mentally retarded children, besides, extend help to such centers To start Old-Age Homes, Juvenile Homes, and Homes for Widows and provide help to such category of people To conduct awareness programs on Pancha Dharma, Panja Yanjam etc, and also to hold such Yanjams The Guru Dharma Global Mission is willing to take over such temples, temple grove, churches and mosques which local authorities cannot maintain. To provide such services as payment of telephone bills, delivery of consumer goods and medicines and arranging taxis, rickshaw and ambulance services. Arrange home nurses and servants wherever they are required. To setup blood donor group for rendering assistance to people in emergency. Organize pilgrimage to various pilgrim centers both in India and abroad.